Awards Program

The Central Texas Classic Chevy Club presents several awards each year at the Annual Christmas Dinner Membership Meeting. Recipients for the Awards are selected by the Activities Committee and approved by the Elected Officers, or voted on by the membership. These awards include a revolving trophy that is club owned. Each recipient of a club owned revolving trophy also receives a smaller sized trophy or plaque, which they keep as a reminder of the club’s recognition for their effort. Additional awards and trophies may be presented at the discretion of the Officers and the Activities Committee.

Larry Igo Preservation Award

Larry Igo, founder of the Central Texas Classic Chevy Club in Austin, was a dedicated and loyal member of the Club. Larry Igo was very knowledgeable of the Classic Chevy’s and not only restored and built these cars but he drove them and kept them going in original condition. Although partial to his original 1956 Chevrolet, Larry did make safety related upgrades to these cars. Larry restored all three years of these magnificent machines before his untimely death and the death of his family.

The Central Texas Classic Chevy Club, in Honor of the Igo family, presents an annual award to an owner of a 1955, 56 or 57 Chevy in the Club. This Classic owner must have an unmodified car, maintained mechanically, and driven periodically.

The Larry Igo Preservation Award is selected by the active membership of the Central Texas Classic Chevy Club. This Award includes two trophies, one to revolve yearly between winners and one for the winner to keep.

President’s Award

Recipient of this award, selected by the President, has demonstrated consistent use of his/her Classic Chevy throughout the year.

Classic Achievement Award

Recipient of this Classic Achievement Award has restored a Classic ’55, ’56, or ’57 Chevy in a modified or semi modified condition. Whether driver or for show, this Classic Chevy has been maintained by it’s owner.